The doctor was irresponsible

My painkiller was Tramadol

It was winter and I was hit by a car and I had a lot of bad injuries and for months I couldn’t recover from them. In the beginning I was having huge pain all over my body. I had a couple of ribs broken and I had a huge pain in my muscles. In the hospital, they gave me very good pain relief and it was perfect I almost felt nothing. But when they send me home, I was given painkillers that didn’t help me. So I went to the doctor and waited a long time so he could see me. I told him that the painkillers didn’t work so he gave me Tramadol but like in a hurry he didn’t even explained how I should use the Tramadol. So I just read on the piles that I bought from the local pharmacy and there has been just the direction of use. It was 3-4 hours a pill or longer separation time depending on the pain. So I began taking them so I felt wonderful plus I was starting to go out shopping and having fun as much as I could so I could put behind me the accident. But also I didn’t keep track of how much Tramadol I took and soon I had slow heartbeat and dizziness. I was terrified because I didn’t know what was going on with me. I decided before I make panic in the hospital to check online. I was shocked when I saw what it can happen if I take one earlier and that there are different dosages for different kind of pain.

I read online that a doctor at some point won’t tell you everything about Tramadol. Well, in my case he didn’t tell me anything at all. I probably didn’t notice the amount I was taking because I was all the time out and exited of my wellness. So I have had an overdose regarding the symptoms I had, which were getting more and more by the time.
The symptoms of overdose are shallow breathing, drowsiness, muscle weakness, clammy skin, slow heartbeat, seizure or fainting.

But as good as it is Tramadol can have a side effect that can be bad, very bad. This can happen after taking the pill, but doesn’t happen very often. Some of the side effects are shallow breathing, seizure, dizziness, headaches, blistering skin, fast heart rate, nausea, diarrhea, fainting, constipation, spinning sensation, etc. So I got confused because I had mixed side effects and probably those are worse. I rush to the hospital as the online guidance told me to do and I asked for another doctor.
After they told me it was a small amount of overdose and I can continue using Tramadol but to be very careful. But I took a pill of 25mg in the morning, one of the many types of usage but this one was for me.
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No prescription needed

They made me an addict

I will tell you my story that got me very humiliated and very nervous and still I am. I had regular bad pain in my back for some period of time it was caused by stupid mistake I did when I was lifting very heavy stuff. At the hospital, they gave me Tramadol infusion and was gone like it wasn’t there before. But when I was discarded I asked the doctors to give me a prescription for Tramadol pills to take them for my pain because it was back the moment the infusion started to wear off. They gave me for a home for the pain and to take as needed and if the pain is still bad to take them one pill in 4 hours. The pain was unbearable so I took every 4 hours and when I finished my piles I went to get more, but they didn’t give me a prescription because they made me an addict to the drug because I have taken every 4 hours. I got very mad with them, but what could I have done with them. So I went home and my pain was getting worse I felt it deep in my back bones. So there wasn’t other option but to try the online shop for Tramadol which my friend used, well, I thought I would never need it but I do. So I logged in to my account and fast.

Discount and fast delivery

I got very useful explanation on the online shop. I learned that even if it used most commonly for back and neck pain it can help also for other kind of pain too. I bought the Tramadol just with using my credit card and both as much as I needed and without any prescription. I got discount ones and the 3th time I bought they gave it to me half a price. I asked for the Tramadol to send to my home as fast as possible and I got the other day in the morning. Imagine I didn’t spend time for waiting doctors prescription and wait in lines at the local pharmacy to get it, it is not even a 2 minutes order online and you can get much more information if you need. I am very thankful for the online store it helped me to pass my days pain free.

I even change my usage from the tips on the online store. At first I continued taking them in 4 hours and as the pain was slowly going away, I started to take just once a day. I wasn’t an addicted Tramadol user as the doctor referred to me, I was in need of help and the pushed me away. Now 3 mounts passed and regularly took all the medication that gave me the doctor so my back to get better and Tramadol helped me ignore my pain while the other medication had taken effect.
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The Painkiller that got me back on track

The pain

I am 25 years old and I had an injury last summer while I was mountain claiming I was very happy that I survived, but still the pain in my leg which got broken from a fall it continued to hurt. I asked for pain medication in the hospital and they gave me ibuprofen for a start and many other pain medications they said to me that It was much saver to start from the lowest pain medication we can and they kept going on saying this way it will reduce your pain and maybe even get all of it. Probably they didn’t understand me when I told them that my pain is getting worse, especially when I was doing the basic walking for everyday life needs. So I consulted with other doctors too they wanted me to use the same treatment. Even my friends didn’t know how they could help me, especially when I was screaming from the pain. So the only way that left was searching online for people who had the similar problem like me. There were a lot of them and the best answer I found it was to buy Tramadol online. I searched all about Tramadol the good side and the side effect. Yes, I was so pleased when I found that Tramadol is a great way to take care of pain with much less side effect if it is taken properly. I haven’t even needed a prescription to do it on some sites you could even talk to a doctor who will help you with your pain, even more by explaining how is the safest way to take Tramadol.

This is what the doctor online told me

The Tramadol is tolerated quite well and the side effects are actually not that common. You can be drowsy or thinking and reaction might be impaired so if you feel any of these you should drive and don’t do any activity that might put your life in danger.
Tramadol is central-painkiller that acts on the central nervous system and the pain will be gone by blocking the pain sensations from reaching the CNS. Plus there are more benefits from it. It also helps in the alleviation of anxiety and relaxation.
It usually takes between 3-4 hours if forgot take it fast as you can. Don’t take it if it is very close to the time for the other pill, it can result in bad side effect so you should be very careful about the timing.
For those with sensitive stomach there is a way too. They should take the pill while eating so it can be easier. Don’t chew or crush the pill, it might, realize too much drug in your system and there be side effect that you don’t want to have.
Now I am pain free I can walk and I am very happy that I am back on my everyday routine.

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